Danfoss joins consortium developing next-generation electric powertrain

Danfoss Editron, Meritor and Electra Commercial Vehicles have formed a partnership to develop an electric powertrain consisting of a Danfoss motor and silicon carbide inverter, together with Meritor’s transmission, differential and brakes.

Meritor will integrate all of the components into a single unit that can be installed in an existing chassis with little to no modification required. Electra will provide the mechanical and controls integration of the electric chassis and build four different chassis for validation. The electric powertrain will be industrialized and marketed globally to commercial vehicle OEMs under Meritor’s Blue Horizon brand.

Danfoss says its motor will be based on a patented architecture and thermal management methodology that exceeds the APC’s 2035 Roadmap targets for power density.

Danfoss Sales Director Adrian Schaffer said, “The electric powertrain system will be a fantastic new option for customers interested in integrated solutions.”

Source: Danfoss