Unifrax announces first manufacturing line for its silicon fiber anode material

Unifrax, a manufacturer of specialty materials, has announced plans to build its first large-scale SiFAB (silicon fiber anode material) manufacturing line at its north-central Indiana facility.

SiFAB is a proprietary silicon anode battery technology designed to enable greater energy density in lithium-ion batteries. The company also expects SiFAB to provide faster charging and longer battery life. Unifrax says SiFAB is currently in advanced testing, has shown promising performance in multiple battery systems, and has successfully been tested with incremental Si loadings of greater than 40%.

“We designed SiFAB from its inception to be manufactured at large scale, so that we could supply all market segments, utilize our existing global manufacturing footprint and deliver a product that has a high degree of quality and consistency,” said VP of R&D Chad Cannan.

Source: Unifrax