Hexagon adopts Fugaku supercomputer for aircraft and EV simulations

Hexagon has adopted the Fugaku supercomputer to run complex CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations. The company’s Manufacturing Intelligence division is using the supercomputer to explore the performance of next-generation aircraft and EVs. 

Hexagon says its Cradle CFD customers will have the opportunity to tap into the ARM-based Fugaku computer architecture to perform complex simulations, such as those related to aerodynamics, turbulence and thermal management. 

Hexagon experts collaborated with Fujitsu to tune the Cradle CFD code to run on Fugaku and to complete test simulations. A typical family car was simulated in its entirety, using a model comprised of 70 million elements with 960 cores, and was simulated until steady state, using the RANS equation over 1,000 cycles.

CFD’s R&D Director Tomohiro Irie said, “By using the efficient computing power of Fugaku with our simulation tools, we will encourage users to simulate phenomena that simply weren’t feasible before, due to the computation time and cost. Today, we have simulated with 192,000 cores.”

Source: Hexagon