Atlanta receives $5.4-million federal grant to buy electric commuter coaches

The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) has secured a $5.4-million grant from the Federal Transit Administration’s Low-No Program to purchase electric buses.

“We have secured this funding because electrification of Georgia’s public bus fleet is an economic and environmental imperative,” said US Senator Jon Ossoff (D-GA). “These new buses will reduce air pollution and increase the efficiency of transit in Georgia.”

ATL has 166 coaches in its fleet, and no electric buses to date. The agency’s grant application was for 10 battery-electric commuter coaches and 11 chargers.

The coaches will be manufactured by Motor Coach Industries. MCI’s D45 CRTe LE is the only federally tested and approved electric commuter coach currently on the market, according to ATL Chief Communications Officer Dr. Ericka Davis.

The electric coaches will be based out of ATL’s South Ops Facility in Clayton County, and will replace ten 2004 diesel buses.

The Center for Transportation and the Environment will provide project management, performance validation and other technical assistance. Atkins will provide engineering services for infrastructure installation.

“This grant award will help us improve fleet reliability, reduce our long-term maintenance needs, improve air quality, and reduce noise pollution in the communities we serve,” Chris Tomlinson, Executive Director at ATL, told Electrek. “These electric buses will eliminate the need for 87,000 gallons of fuel [per year] while reducing 901 tons of carbon emissions.”

Source: Electrek