Exro partners with Linamar to develop a new integrated eAxle

Calgary-based Exro Technologies is a developer of power electronics for electric motors and batteries. Exro’s motor control technology, the Coil Driver, is designed to enable intelligent optimization of electric powertrains for efficient energy consumption.

Exro has announced a strategic development agreement with Linamar, a global Tier 1 auto parts manufacturer, to develop a new eAxle integrated electric drive solution, using Exro’s Coil Driver technology to improve the cost and performance of Linamar’s eAxle product line.

The initial demonstration of the technology will use Linamar’s Medium Duty eAxle product. In the initial phase of development, Exro will supply Coil Driver development samples and optimized electric motors for integration in eAxle program testing. Linamar will supply and integrate the remaining critical elements of the eAxle system, including the gearbox assembly, for lab and on-road testing. Completed testing and validation of prototypes is planned for the second quarter of 2022. Following successful testing, the two companies hope to put the Coil Driver eAxle into series production.

“Exro came to us with a unique solution for our electric drive program,” said Linamar CEO Linda Hasenfratz. “This integrated design can pave the way for cost-effective and high-performing electric propulsion systems that are essential to scale the transition to electric mobility.”

“Linamar has been a staple in auto industry manufacturing for decades,” said Exro CEO Sue Ozdemir. “This strategic development agreement marks one of our biggest milestones to date and represents a huge opportunity for us to become an integral part of the EV supply chain for major automotive companies.”

Source: Exro Technologies