Pre-Switch expands into new facility with 200 kW dynamometer and 250 kW DC power supply

Switching specialist Pre-Switch has expanded into a new San Jose, California facility. The new space is outfitted with a 200 kW dynamometer, a 250 kW DC power supply and test stations that have been custom-built to measure inverter efficiencies above 99%.

Pre-Switch’s controller analyzes multiple inputs on a cycle-by-cycle basis, making adjustments in real time to small, forced-resonant transistors, enabling enhanced soft-switching. The AI algorithm handles variations in system temperature, device degradation, changing input voltages and abrupt current swings.

Pre-Switch CEO Bruce Renouard said, “Inverter efficiency is vital, but in many applications motor efficiency, especially at low torque where the motor mainly operates, is even more important. Our soft-switching technology can deliver both, unlike hard-switching techniques which cannot get close to matching our system efficiency levels.”

Source: Pre-Switch