Dürr to supply Cellforce with specialized electrode coating process

The Dürr Group will supply German battery manufacturer Cellforce Group, a joint venture between Porsche and battery company Customcells, with electrode coating for high-performance battery cells.

Dürr says its process for coating electrodes is unique, because the two sides are not coated one after the other, but simultaneously. This accelerates the process, increases precision and quality, and makes better use of the raw material. Dürr also supplies equipment for exhaust air purification, and claims a solvent recovery rate of more than 99%.

“We have highly efficient technology at our disposal and, as a system provider, we can implement complete coating lines. We will provide Cellforce with optimum support in the development and production of high-performance cells with high energy density,” said Dr. Jochen Weyrauch, Chairman of Dürr.

Source: Dürr