ITECH’s four new power supplies can supply up to 1,020 amps

ITECH has released four new IT-M3900 power supply products: the IT-M3900B for  regenerative power systems; the IT-M3900C for bidirectional DC power supplies; the IT-M3900D for DC high-power supplies; and the IT-M3800 for regenerative DC loads.

The maximum power of a 1U unit is 6 kW, and the maximum of a 2U unit is 12 kW. Voltages run between 10 V and 1,500 V, and the output current of a single unit can reach 1,020 A. 

The power supplies are designed to regenerate power, and the company says feedback efficiency can reach 95%. Optional software packages will allow the power supplies to run battery tests, simulations, and solar panel maximum point power tracking. The products meet LV123 and LV148 standards.

Source: ITECH