Bloomy’s new FLEX BMS Validation System

Automated testing, data acquisition and control system provider Bloomy has introduced a test system for battery management systems. The FLEX BMS Validation System is designed to evaluate hardware, software and firmware, and is intended for the electrification and test lab markets.

The FLEX BMS Validation System simulates vehicle electronic signals, and uses Bloomy’s FCC- and CE-certified Battery Simulator 1200 to simulate battery cell voltages and balancing currents. The system relies on industry-standard connectors to link to the BMS and an ergonomic signal interface panel for monitoring and controlling signals and models. While models can be run through the embedded Linux Real-Time controller, it also supports NI TestStand test sequences and Python scripts as well as models developed through Mathworks Simulink, C/C#/C++ and NI LabVIEW.

Applications for the FLEX BMS Validation System include testing prototypes, comparing systems by configuration, performance and safety, as well as testing the long-term performance of systems.

Source: Bloomy