ZELTWANGER’s new laser welding system for EV motor hairpins

Laser and automation company ZELTWANGER plans to introduce a fully-automated laser welding system intended for use in EV motor production.

The system includes a blue-wavelength laser for welding copper and a proprietary clamping system for joining hairpin windings. Copper is a highly reflective element, which poses challenges for welding the stuff. ZELTWANGER says its blue-wavelength laser meets this challenge by providing a simpler and more reproducible welding process. The company also says that, in comparison to previous infrared lasers, its blue-wavelength laser reduces the level of copper pin stripping.

According to the company, the clamping system’s advantages include adjustability for different stator designs as well as lower insulation and space requirements for welding, which contribute to smaller motor dimensions and increased design freedom for motor design engineers.

The system can be tailored to different applications, ranging from prototypes to mass production, and from manual loading to full integration in an automated production line.