Whitepaper: Solving the challenges of EV charger designs with SiC power modules

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The automotive industry is going electric. With automakers rolling out more and more models, all those e-vehicles will need EV chargers with key requirements of power density, overall system efficiency and capability for fast battery charging. Diverse industries and markets have to adapt to this mega trend towards electrification. But regardless of the line of business, every stakeholder expects the same things from the Power Electronics that drive these systems – highly efficient performance from a package with a small footprint and a competitive system level price. This trade-off between performance and cost brings several challenges in the system design and implementation for companies that build EV chargers.

Vincotech offers solutions for EV charger systems, power modules that strike the right balance between size, performance, efficiency and price. The adoption of SiC power electronics devices in EV chargers is an interesting approach due to their outstanding intrinsic electrical and thermal benefits compared to standard Si devices. 

Take a look at our whitepaper that reviews the EV charger implementations and presents Vincotech solutions designed for these use cases.

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Sponsored by Vincotech