Hankook launches new line of tires for EVs

Tire manufacturer Hankook Tire has introduced a new EV tire product line.

The new iON tires are designed for high-performance and premium EVs, and will be available in sizes ranging from 18 to 22 inches. The company says the tires are composed of sustainable natural oils and aramid fibers that counteract the deformation forces of high-torque EVs.

“With an improved range per battery charge, this new generation of tires will help to further optimize the efficiency of electric vehicles in everyday use,” said CEO and President of Hankook Tire & Technology Sooil Lee.

The lineup includes the Ventus iON S summer tire, which will be available in Europe starting in May of 2022, the Winter i*cept iON tire, which will be available beginning in September of 2022, and the Ventus iON A all-season tire, which will be sold in the North American market. “We are particularly proud that the new Hankook iON summer tire, for example, has achieved an A/A/A rating on the EU tire label. This corresponds to the highest performance in terms of rolling resistance, wet grip and tire noise,” says Executive Vice President and CTO of Hankook Tire Bonhee Ku.

Source: Hankook