Volta’s Charging for All initiative aims to deliver affordable access to EV charging

Volta Charging has launched a new initiative called Charging for All, a multimillion-dollar commitment over the next few years to advance the Biden Administration’s EV infrastructure goals, specifically delivering affordable, equitable access to EV charging. 

Volta’s Charging for All initiative encompasses three key efforts:

PredictEV, Volta’s infrastructure planning software, will include an increased focus on supporting the equity goals defined by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and its Justice40 initiative, which aim to ensure that public investment delivers at least 40% of climate and clean energy benefits to disadvantaged communities. Volta says PredictEV is already being used by utilities and states across the country to plan EV infrastructure.Volta plans to invest several hundred million dollars over the next few years to expand its network—including significant investment in underserved communities.Volta will make tens of millions of media views across its network available to state DOTs, with a focus on inclusive community engagement. The Volta Media Network displays ads on two 55-inch digital screens on each of its charging stations. Volta will offer public partners access to Volta’s network this year, at no cost to taxpayers.

Source: Volta Charging