Group14 Technologies, a global provider of silicon-carbon composite materials for lithium-ion markets, has secured $17 million in a Series B funding round led by SK materials, a manufacturer of special gases and industrial gases. Group14 will leverage this operating capital to scale production to meet the increasing demand for its flagship product, SCC55, which it hopes will provide up to 50% more energy density than conventional graphite for lithium-ion batteries. “In our role as one
Energy management specialist EnergyHub has partnered with charger manufacturer Enel X to expand the availability of smart charging stations as a flexible distributed energy resource (DER) for utilities. Utilities will now be able to manage customer-owned Enel X smart charging stations through EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS platform. Enel X has over 60,000 consumer charging stations deployed around the US, and the new partnership allows utilities to use EnergyHub’s platform to manage enrolled Enel X JuiceBox smart
German auto giant Daimler has announced a new plan to invest €70 billion ($85 billion) in “research and development and in property, plant and equipment” between 2021 and 2025, the lion’s share of which will be used “to accelerate the transformation towards electrification and digitization.” Most of this investment will be at Mercedes-Benz Cars, but some will used for Daimler Trucks to accelerate its plans for emissions-free transportation. Daimler also plans to set up a
Proterra is best known as an electric transit bus OEM, but it has branched out into providing electric powertrain solutions to other vehicle manufacturers and turnkey charging and energy management solutions to fleets. The company has long been considered a likely candidate for a public share offering, and now it has announced that it will go public through a transaction with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) called ArcLight Clean Transition (Nasdaq: ACTC). Upon closing,
Irish charging operator EasyGo, which boasts a network of 1,200 charge points and 7,000 customers, has formed a partnership with telecom company Eir to replace 180 telephone kiosks around Ireland with Tritium DC fast chargers. EasyGo Director Gerry Cash said the idea of transforming phone boxes came about because of their locations around the country. “We’ve a culture of going into towns and places of convenience. Typically, the locations of the phone boxes are in
Over the past few months, GM has gotten a lot more serious about electrification, unveiling a new EV platform, plans for more investment and more electrified models, and most recently, a new EV-centric marketing campaign. However, some have been pointing out the gap between the automaker’s high-wattage future plans and its flickering present (only one EV in the current lineup and two low-volume halo vehicles in the pipeline). Now GM has turned up the voltage
FREYR and 24M have signed an agreement to use 24M’s SemiSolid lithium-ion battery platform technology in FREYR’s planned facilities in Norway. FREYR is targeting a production capacity of over 40 GWh of scalable, modular battery cells via partnership-based strategies in both grid and electric mobility markets. “24M has fundamentally redesigned the traditional LIB cell technology and production platform, delivering higher energy density per battery while enabling a substantial reduction in Capex, operating costs, CO2 emissions
Rideshare vehicles are widely believed to have larger carbon footprints than personal vehicles, so electrifying them seems likely to deliver greater emissions reductions than electrifying personal passenger cars. The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), in collaboration with General Motors, recently released an insight brief that explains why the electrification of transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft is crucial to accelerating the transition to EVs. The new report, Racing to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption:
With high-performance electric vehicles such as the Porsche Taycan in production, and several manufacturers slated to release EVs with 800 V battery systems in 2021, using high-voltage battery systems in EVs is no longer just theoretical. The advent of higher-voltage vehicles means the decisions EV designers and OEMs must make when selecting the components used within the battery system are changing.  This webinar covers the ways in which EV OEMS can address the following new challenges
Following the recent release of its HPD E crate motors and associated kit to electrify the classic Mini, Swindon Powertrain is now extending its electrification range with a new standalone E-Transmission for EVs. Swindon says the single-speed gearbox is an affordable plug-and-play solution to purchasing a transmission to work with existing electric motors. With two ratio options and multiple mounting points for ease of installation, the E-Transmission is designed for a range of vehicles, from

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