ClipperCreek HCS-50, 40A, L2 EVSE, 240V, w/25 ft cable

ClipperCreek now offers the HCS-50, a hardwired 40 Amp electric vehicle charging station.  The ClipperCreek HCS-50 is built and tested to automaker standards to ensure a reliable charge every time. The HCS-50 is compatible with all plug-in vehicles including Kia Soul, Ford Focus, Honda Clarity, and BMW i3, etc.

The HCS-50 features:

  • 25 foot charging cable
  • Service ground monitor: Constantly checks for presence of proper safety ground
  • Minimal standby power consumption (no on/off switch required)
  • Automatic circuit reclosure after minor power faults
  • Charge Circuit Interruption Device: Ground fault protection with fully automated self-test – eliminates the need for testing by user
  • Easy to install – saving you time and money on installation
  • Lights – indicates charging status
  • Wall Mount SAE J1772 Connector Holster included
  • Lockable SAE J1772 Connector
  • Connector Lock & Keys Included
  • Indoor/Outdoor rated
  • ENERGY STAR® certified

MEDIA REVIEW: At Tech reviewed our HCS-50 recently.

Plug-in: The HCS-50 is also available with a NEMA 6-50 plug or a NEMA 14-50 plug.

  • Connect two HCS-50 charging stations on the same 50 Amp circuit and they will share power when two cars are plugged in.

Compatible Accessories:

  • The ClipperCreek Cable Cradle mounts to a wall near your electric vehicle charging station or connector holster to easily manage the cable, keeping it off the ground and wall when not in use (charging station and connector holster sold separately). $19
  • Combination Lock for Connector – Provides a simple, low-cost, key-less and re-settable way to ensure only authorized users have access to charging $5.95

Compatible Mounting Solutions:

  • HCS Pedestal (0300-00-029)
  • ProMountDuo Universal Pedestal (0300-00-025)
  • Ruggedized ProMountDuo Universal Pedestal (0300-00-026)




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